Friday, October 22, 2010


Things are looking up. I got an email from my husband this morning that he had found someone to come watch the baby for me on Sunday, so that the big boy and I can go to the Symphony after all. If he weren't in a different country, I could so kiss him right now. I had already given up and moved on, just figuring we weren't going to go - I even prepared my son for that situation. But my son and I will get to have our "date" after all, which means the world to me.

Speaking of the big boy, he was given several options for this weekend regarding Saturday. The air show is this weekend. He usually has bowling league practice on Saturday morning. He was given the option of a)going to bowling, then the air show, b)skipping bowling and going to the air show or c)going to to bowling, then coming home. He chose b. That's fine with me. He's in PeeWees, the team is at the base lanes. I don't imagine attendance will be very high at bowling tomorrow. Plus, each team used to have its own coach but now the league has one overall coach. He doesn't even come talk to the PeeWees, let alone coach them or teach them anything (the hubby is considering moving him an off-base league because of this). He's not learning much (and I don't have the bowling knowledge or skills to teach him - that's what Daddy is for) and it's so hard to take the baby with us (not so much a baby as a rambunctious toddler who refuses to stay in one place). So the air show will pretty much be our entire Saturday. It's not like you can deny an air show to an aviator's kids. It's what they live and breathe (and we didn't go last year bc it was out at the beach, Daddy was deployed, and the baby was too small - so really, I'm on the hook this year). Now to figure out how to get the baby to keep his ear plugs in...

Sunday will be grocery shopping, cleaning, and then off to the Symphony (with the big boy in costume. He's so excited - and I'm excited to get more use out of his extremely overpriced costume).

Monday is a teacher work day, so the big boy will be at home (thus forcing me to take a vacation day. I have just gotten back in the black on sick and vacation hours at work, between maternity leave and sick kids during deployment last year). But it's okay, because it gives me some more time to clean this place up so the landlords can show it to prospective renters, and so that I can meet our realtor out at the new house to take a second look at some items that popped up during inspection. Besides, since the big boy was sick yesterday, I have 5 days straight off. No complaints there.

So things are looking up, so much so that I took a much-deserved nap this morning after dropping the kids off. Now begins the search for coffee, odd socks, and the motivation to clean. Have a great day everyone!

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